Protect your application from disposable phone numbers.

Fraudsters and bots use virtual phone numbers to sign up to your service.

We provide solutions to detect disposable, temporary, and virtual phone numbers, so you can protect your service from spam and fraud.

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They verify phone numbers with NumCheckr


Prevent bots and false account creation

Detect virtual phone numbers

A lot of websites provide virtual phone numbers for the sole purpose of receiving OTPs and bypassing phone number verifications. Fraudsters and bots use this to create fake accounts and spam your service. We help you to protect against this by blocking free, virtual, and disposable phone numbers.

HLR Lookup
Reduce fraud and clean up your database by verifying if a number is valid. Identify the line type, whether it's mobile, landline, VoIP, temporary, and more.
Integrate our API to verify phone numbers before they create an account on your platform. Get detailed reports, risk scoring, and comprehensive phone number information.
Mobile-based identity intelligence
We continuously monitor hundreds of Public SMS Gateways (PSGs) and maintain connections with mobile operators globally.
120+ countries covered
Phone numbers from all over the world are covered, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and many more.

API Support

Integrate our API into your application in minutes

Our API makes it easy to integrate NumCheckr into your application. Perfect for registration forms and user verification processes, it helps you filter out disposable phone numbers, reducing the risk of fraud.

Don't slow down your application. Get results you need in less than 80ms.
Always up.
We guarantee a 99.995% uptime SLA. Our API is always available when you need it.
curl -X POST \
    -d '{ "phone": "+447497265710" }'
    "active_line": true,
    "is_disposable": true,
    "public_sms_gateways": [
    "type": "MOBILE",
    "country_code": "gb",
    "country_name": "United Kingdom",
    "carrier": "EE",
    "e164_format": "+447497265710",
    "national_format": "07497 265710",
    "international_format": "+44 7497 265710"

CSV and Excel support

Sanitize your CSV and Excel files

Verify thousands of phone numbers at once and flag the ones that don't belong to real users.

Upload a file.
Upload your CSV or XLS file containing the phone numbers you wish to verify.
Download the report.
Receive a detailed XLS report which instantly identifies phone numbers that do not belong to real users.
Take action.
Protect your application from fraudsters and bots you've identified.
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