Block fake phone numbers in your application sign-up form

Fraudsters use virtual phone numbers to sign up to your service while remaining incognito.

We provide an API to detect disposable, temporary, and virtual phone numbers, so you can protect your service from spam and fraud.

Analysis Result
can not be trusted
API Request
    "phone": "",
"active_line": true,
"is_disposable": true,
"type": "MOBILE",
"country_code": "",
"country_name": "",
"carrier": "",
"e164_format": "",
"national_format": "",
"international_format": ""

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Don't let your OTP verification be bypassed

Detect virtual phone numbers

A lot of websites provide virtual phone numbers for the sole purpose of receiving OTPs and bypassing phone number verifications. Fraudsters and bots use this to create fake accounts and spam your service. We help you to protect against this by blocking free, virtual, and disposable phone numbers.

HLR Lookup
Reduce fraud and sanitize your database by inspecting the validity of a phone number in real-time and identify the network operator.
Our service is available via an API that can be integrated into your system. We provide you with HLR lookup reports, so you can make an informed decisions.
Precise reports
Our models are based on hundreds of virtual phone numbers providers and are constantly being updated.
120+ countries covered
Phone numbers from all over the world are covered, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and many more.

Verify a number

Try out our disposable phone number detection with three free checks.

Is this a valid telephone number?
Is this a virtual telephone number?
What is the country of this telephone number?
Is this telephone number a mobile number?


Our plans are based on the number of phone number verifications you perform each month. Contact us if you need a custom plan.

Payment frequency



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  • 100 verifications per month
  • API access


$100 $960 /

  • 40,000 verifications per month
  • API access
  • Bulk verifications


$300 $2880 /

  • 500,000 verifications per month
  • API access
  • Bulk verifications

All pricing is in USD and renews automatically unless cancelled. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Secure your onboarding process

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